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Nagore Dargah

        The Dargha in Nagore of Meeran Sahib Abdul Qadir Shahul Hamid Badshah(the Lord of Andavar) is a holy place and is one of the popular pilgrimage centres for Muslims. The Dargah is located about 4km north of Nagapattinam and is visited by people from other religions also. So the Nagore Dargah stands as a symbol of religious harmony. The dargah sheltered thousands of people at the time of 2004 tsunami and buried a number of bodies of Hindus in their graveyards.

The Nagore Dargah shrines are situated at three locations, Nagore, Vanjur and Silladi. The main campus is at Nagore. Dargah is situated in 5 acres of land surrounded by compound walls and four attractive entrances. Infront of the western gate, there is a large tower about 131 feet tall, called 'Periya Minara'.

The golden dome building houses three tombs in three separate chambers, inside the compound of the main campus. In the tombs lay buried the mortal remains of Meeran Sahib, his son Syed Mohammed Yusuf and his daughter-in-law Saeeda Sultana Biwi.

Adjacent to the golden dome building is the 'Peer Mandap' where the 'Peer of the Dargah' stays fasting for three days during festive season of the Dargah. A mosque is located some distance away from here where regular prayers are held. The Friday congregations in this Mosque are massive. The second part of the dargah, the Vanjur Shrine where Meeran Sahib reportedly stayed in meditation for 40 days inside an underground cave, is about 2 km from the main dargah. The third campus Silladi Shrine is loacted about a km east of the main dargah.


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